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“If you owe tax,” says prominent tax lawyer Paul DioGuardi, “ The Canada Revenue Agency can and will target your bank account, your wages, even your home equity. And once CRA has target lock on you …. game over. Unless you change the game.”

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DioGuardi Tax Law focuses its practice exclusively on adversarial tax matters involving tax filing delinquencies, disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency, and collection on tax balances owing.  With the collective learning of over 10,000 clients files, Paul and Philippe DioGuardi practice at the leading edge of tax. DioGuardi has won successful decisions in the Tax Courts, at times on difficult cases where other tax lawyers, representing clients with similar issues, have tried and failed. This ever-evolving wealth of knowledge permits tax debtor clients the benefit of accessing affordable legal representation and protection of the highest caliber.

The key to successfully challenging the Canada Revenue Agency is Paul and Philippe DioGuardi’s intimate knowledge of the CRA’s modus operandi and the games the Taxman can play.

“I’ve been a tax lawyer for more than 50 years, “ says Paul DioGuardi. “I trained as a young lawyer at the Head Office of Revenue Canada. I cut my teeth there. I know the moves in the CRA playbook.  I can make a countermove that changes the game in your favour.  If you owe tax, you wont find protection like this anywhere else.”

Paul and Philippe DioGuardi are proven taxfighters. Don’t take on the CRA alone. Call DioGuardi at 1 877-4-DIO-TAX.