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Never Smile at A Crocodile is the theme of Paul DioGuardi’s most recent expose of the innermost workings of the Canada Revenue Agency.

A tax lawyer with over 50 years of tax practice, both inside the Canada Revenue Agency, and now on the side of the taxpayer,  what Paul DioGuardi doesn’t know about taxman trouble hasn’t happened yet.

Paul was John Oakley’s guest for a discussion of the CRA’s latest crocodile tactics.

Listen as Paul and John riff on theme of the taxman and how DioGuardi can rescue you from the jaws of the CRA.


Did you enjoy the show? We will share more from the archives of Paul DioGuardi’s radio interviews in future posts.

Wrestling with the tax crocodile now? Get the might of DioGuardi on your side before the Taxman takes too big a bite out of you.

Call 1-877-4-DIO-TAX to book an in person meeting. One fast phone call. Nothing to lose but the tax.