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What you don’t know about the Taxman can hurt you. That’s the essential message in Paul and Philippe DioGuardi’s best-selling book,The Taxman is Watching: What every Canadian needs to know and fear. 

It’s also the product of  Paul DioGuardi’s more than 50 years of practice as a tax lawyer, first inside the Canada Revenue Agency, and then on the side of beleaguered taxpayers across Canada.

Enjoy the witty repartee as Humble and Fred banter back and forth with Paul DioGuardi on the topic of tax, the Taxman, and why people often don’t realize they have trouble with Taxman until it’s almost too late.

Did you like the show? Want to hear more Paul DioGuardi tax talk? We’ll post links to other radio shows in upcoming articles.

Think you might need help with the Taxman? Don’t delay. Most people come to DioGuardi so late in the game, the tax trouble is many times more serious than it ever needed to be.

Call 1-877-4-DIO-TAX now and book a meeting. One fast phone call. Nothing to lose but the tax!