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If you owe tax you need
special protection.

Real DioGuardi answers
for trouble with the TAXMAN.

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One fast phone call. Nothing to lose
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What DioGuardi doesn’t know
about Taxman trouble
hasn’t happened yet.

Over $1 billion brokered.

If you owe tax, you need special protection.

Call  1-877-4-DIO-TAX

What NOT to do when you owe tax.

Don’t transfer title to the house to your spouse. That transfers your tax debt, too.

Don’t rush to set up a new company.  You may create a new set of tax problems.

Don’t try to solve a big problem on your own. Tax debt is overwhelming, and can escalate to a crisis before you know it.

Don’t run to an insolvency trustee. Often there are ways to manage the tax debt without going bankrupt. And insolvency won’t wipe out a lien on your home.

Don’t wait until the problem gets critical.  It’s better to stop the CRA before they go after your bank account, your wages, or your house.

Don’t expect an accountant, an ex-CRA agent, a tax solutions specialist, or an insolvency trustee to have the answers. In most cases, they work more for the CRA than for you. 

DioGuardi can protect you from the CRA.

Call 1-877-4-DIO-TAX now.