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Years of unfiled tax returns.
Tax balances you can’t afford to pay right now – or ever.
An audit. Disagreement over your assessments. Unfair interest and penalties.
Wage and bank garnishments. A lien on your home.
Harassing calls and letters from the Canada Revenue Agency.

When you have trouble with the TAXMAN,
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Yes, the CRA can freeze your bank account. And once they’ve got your money, good luck getting it back.

It’s a tremendous violation of your personal property.

One day you use your debit card at the gas station, or the grocery store, and the transaction is declined. You call your bank, and the answer makes your blood run cold. The Canada Revenue Agency has issued a Third Party Demand to Pay Requirement to your bank and your account is frozen. The bank has no choice but to forward the money in your account to the CRA until you come to terms with the CRA.

Why CRA freezes your bank account.

After repeated requests, usually by telephone and by letter, for payment in full or an arrangement to pay over time, the CRA will stop playing…

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10 Reasons Why DioGuardi isn’t overkill. And why you should talk to DioGuardi when the tax trouble STARTS.

The CRA has been known to suggest it’s overkill to retain DioGuardi to help with an audit, a collection issue, or even a submission for taxpayer relief.

Accountants, insolvency trustees, and ex-CRA agents now offering you their ‘insider knowledge say the same thing.

Regularly people come to us late in the game because they were afraid hiring DioGuardi would make the CRA angry.

The CRA, the accountants, the trustees and the ex-CRA agents are protecting their own interests, not yours. DioGuardi isn’t overkill.

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Yes, the CRA can take your home. And bankruptcy won’t wipe out a tax lien. But there are ways to access your home equity and protect your home.

In today’s volatile real estate market, there is absolutely no doubt that the Taxman will go after your house. It’s your biggest asset and the surest way for him to secure your tax debt and get paid.

If you stay calm and act reasonably, there are things you can do, and ways you can use your home equity, to help pay the CRA and protect your home.

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Yes, the CRA can seize your RRSP and wipe out your retirement savings

RRSPs are the backbone of retirement planning strategies, espeically for the self-employed and small business owners, who don’t have the benefit of employer pension plans.

If you owe tax, these retirement savings are vulnerable to the greedy hands of the Canada Revenue Agency. And don’t think it doesn’t happen. This year, more than ever before in the DioGuardi experience, clients are coming for help after the CRA has already seized funds from their RRSP accounts.

One client reported that, in addition to grabbing his RRSP at a major bank, the CRA called the issuer of his whole life…

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Internet Tax Help: Who do you know who’s real?

The internet is saturated with offers to help you solve your tax trouble. Every lawyer, acocuntant, insolvency trustee, ex-CRA employee, or just plain Joe are trying to grab a piece of the tax debt pie.

Knowing who to trust, and who to choose, is not easy. To complicate the situation, the online DIY help pages are offering tax trouble advice throuhg interactive chats.

Out of sheer curiosity, we took a question about a tax problem to Here’s what happened.

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Online “PowerSellers” Not Beyond The TAXMAN’s Reach

In 2008 the Canada Revenue Agency came out on top when the Federal Court of Appeal upheld a previous decision which compelling online-auction giant eBay to provide the CRA with the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and, most important, gross sales figures for all Canadian PowerSellers. An eBay PowerSeller is someone who sells at least $1,000 (U.S.) a month in online sales.

The legal battle to withhold the names and protect the privacy of eBay buyers and sellers began in 2006, when the CRA launched an …

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Electronic Tip-Offs: The Chink In Your Armour

Here’s a serious warning for people who play fast and loose with the truth when reporting their income on a tax return. No matter how smart you think you are, there is no way in today’s world you can avoid your spending habits being registered somewhere. Every time...

Is that CRA call legitimate ?

Yesterday we received an email from a taxpayer who had been out of Canada for two months. He said he came home to two messages from the Canada Revenue Agency on his voicemail. The messages advised that CRA had issued a warrant for his arrest, and he was required to...

CRA using robo-calls to collect tax sooner.

The next anonymous telephone call you get may be from a computerbot at the Canada Revenue Agency. Ongoing initiatives to collect tax in a timely manner include robocall blasts targeted to taxpayers with a history of making their tax payment(s) after the filing due...